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Creative Director & Designer

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If you choose to work with Pavoni, you and I will be working closely together.

I founded my business on my belief in the commercial value of bringing together design thinking and business strategy. Ten years and many successful projects later, I’ve just put my team through a re-brand, from 020 Web Design, which I founded in 2006, to Pavoni Creative. (But that’s another story. I’m happy to share the experience of re-branding my own business with others who are contemplating it.)

Art+design+business are in my DNA

These days I’m fascinated by the power of design to add value to businesses. But looking back, I can see that art, design and business were always my big interests. When I was 13 and the other girls at school started talking about which boys they fancied, I spotted a business opportunity … So I went and took photos of the boys and sold them to the girls!

Before that, at age 7, I regularly set up shop on the pavement outside my parents’ house. Not selling unloved toys, but experimenting with games that I invented. Most successful of these was one involving 10p coins, an ice cream tub full of water, strips of tape, a ready market by way of passersby willing to try their luck – and me banking what felt to my 7-year-old self like a handsome profit.

Then testing got added to the art+design+business mix

After school, unable to decide which creative medium I loved most, I spent 5 years in full-time further education studying graphic design, photography, architectural glass and ceramics. This led to a national award for architectural glass as well as a degree from London’s prestigious Chelsea College Art and Design.

Then, after graduating from Chelsea, I spent six years in the pharmaceutical industry. Here I designed and ran engineering lab trials and pilot clinical trials – and learned how big business works. This is when it all came together. I saw how great things could be achieved in business by mixing research, testing and analysis with a different sort of creativity.

Now it’s art+design+testing+business

So that’s essentially what makes my design business different. That’s why we don’t do ad hoc work. Pavoni is all about beauty with purpose. Strategic commercial purpose.

Once I’d made that all-important connection and seen how artistic methods could be applied to visualise thinking and thus solve business problems, I left the pharmaceutical industry. I devoted the next two years to training in web design and mastering the technology used in digital marketing. And then, in 2006, I was ready to launch my web design business.

Since then, I’ve gradually built a team around me because I’ve discovered that when visual and verbal concepts, for example, are developed in tandem, the benefit is tremendous. The benefit to you, my client. When we name your business and design its visual identity, the visual design and the words combine to create a powerful whole. The same applies across the board – when we design your website, your leaflets or your email campaign.

So here I am now, with Pavoni and my team, helping you to harness the power of great design combined with business acumen, research, testing and analysis, for the commercial benefit of your business.

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