Blogging is good for business

... but how do you find blog post ideas?

Blog posts usually take me a day or more to write, but today I just don’t have a whole day available to write a post. I’ve committed to writing a post every week until the end of the year so I must write something today! I have a long list of post ideas I’m going to write about one day, but they will all take me a day or two to write! So here I am thinking – what can I write about that will take half a day at most to write? There’s my answer – I’ll write a short post about “How to find blog post ideas” – It’s a question nearly all our clients ask us.

So here are THREE ways to generate blog post ideas


Think through all the clients you’ve worked with, actually sit there and visualise the conversations you’ve had with them! Then create a list of the questions they commonly ask you. These are all great topics for blogs because:

  • They’re good for your search engine visibility because your potential customers will type these questions into Google
  • They provide useful information for your customers – who in turn are much more likely to trust you and buy from you because you’ve provided them with the advice they’re looking for
  • Answering your customer’s questions on your blog will save you time, you’ll spend less time answering questions because you can send people to read your blog instead

As an example, here’s the start of a list of questions that our clients typically ask us?

  • Should I have a or a .com domain name?
  • What colours should I use for my logo and brand identity?
  • What font should I use for my logo?
  • How do I show up on Google?
  • How do I get my business to show on Google maps?
  • How do I choose a name for my business?
  • Should I use social media?
  • Should I advertise on Facebook?
  • How do I use Facebook to get more leads?
  • What should I post on Facebook?
  • Should I advertise on LinkedIn?
  • What marketing can I do to get more customers?
  • How can I get more people to visit my website?
  • Which logo do you like best?


Join the Facebook or LinkedIn groups filled with people who would potentially be interested in your products or services. Don’t sell to them!! Just look at the questions they ask and the words they use. Then use this information as inspiration for your blog topics. People will tell you what they want you to write about if you look closely enough and pay attention.


Use the Google keyword planner tool. It is extremely helpful and valuable. I cannot recommend it enough!! I mentioned it in my previous SEO Tips blog post.
To use it, sign up for a free Google AdWords account. You’ll then be able to access it from your AdWords account by clicking the little spanner icon at the top and then clicking the Keyword Planner link in the drop-down menu. See the screenshot below.

AdWords Google keyword planner

To generate blog ideas, type your service or product offering into the box and click the Get ideas button. See the screenshot below.

Keyword idea generation

The generated list shows things that REAL people type into the Google search engine.

Google keyword planner phrase list example

Create a list of the phrases that look like they’d be good to write about. Remember – your blog posts don’t have to contain primarily written content. A blog can also be a video, diagram, checklist, set of pictures, downloadable information sheet or an interview audio file for example. Just make sure to include some standard text in your blog post if you’d like it to get indexed by Google.

To generate even more ideas with the Google keyword planner tool – select a phrase from the generated ideas and run it back through the tool for more ideas on that specific topic.

Here’s some phrases I’ve listed that will inspire future Pavoni blog posts:

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If you’d like us to set up your Google AdWords account for you so that you can access the keyword planner email me, Sarah, at

by Sarah Jane Edwards by Sarah Jane Edwards

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