The art of big brands

… applied to smaller businesses

Why do you need a brand strategy – rather than just a logo? Lots of entrepreneurs assume that brand strategies are only for the big players. The really big players like Apple, BP and Coke. And that smaller businesses just need to find a name which suggests what they do and a logo that they like.

In reality, however, you can secure a commercial advantage over your competitors (and we’ll help you do so!) by having a well thought-through brand strategy, whatever the scale of your business. Because…

Your brand is SO much more than your business name and logo

Your brand embodies the unique personality, values and reputation of your business. Its purpose is to create a perception in the minds of your ideal customers that there’s no other product or service quite like yours.

The aim is the same, whether you’re a huge multi-national business like Chanel or Unilever, or a small boutique hotel or specialist local business. You want to attract the attention of people in your particular target market – and get them to ‘connect’ positively with your brand. So that they’d rather buy from you than from your competitors.

Your brand diagram