The key to a successful marketing strategy?

…“Think things through then follow through”

Who needs a joined-up marketing strategy? The answer to this is: every business that wants to make use of the ever-growing (and potentially bewildering) choice of methods out there to boost their commercial success. In the digital world and in the real world.

“I can give you a six-word formula for success”, Walter Scott is reputed to have said, “Think things through then follow through.”

A couple of hundred years on, the Scott’s success formula sums up our approach to 21st century business marketing strategies perfectly…

You need a plan. A rigorously thought-through plan that focuses on your commercial objectives. A plan that you can justify the resources (of time and money) to implement. A plan that you’re confident will give you an excellent return on your investment.

And then you need to “follow through”. Implement that plan. Stick at whatever marketing activity it prescribes. Week in, week out. Keep posting that useful content on your website and wherever your customers (and target customers) are on social media… So that you get that return.

When the next shiny new social media platform bursts out of the ether, pause. Refer to your marketing strategy to assess its value to your business – and its potential contribution to the achievement of your commercial objectives.