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Marketing idea: flower give-away

I saw this marketing idea on the way past Twickenham station in June this year and have been meaning to share it ever since. To market the Hampton Court Flower Festival – people were giving out a ‘free’ rose to commuters passing through Twickenham station. The rose had a tag attached with an offer of a £2 festival entry discount.

Marketing idea: flower give-away offer

This is an excellent marketing idea because typically the only people likely to accept the ‘free’ flower are people who like flowers! So this method is a much more efficient way of getting the flower festival marketing message to people who might be interested in it – rather than a mass, untargeted leaflet drop.

Most marketing pieces are so dull

Mostly the same unimaginative flat, rectangular flyer or three-fold leaflet. I keep all the ones that are more creative, ready to share on the blog. Ideas for you to borrow or use as inspiration when creating an unusual marketing idea for your business.

Cost-effective for small businesses

Designing, printing and distributing a leaflet isn’t cheap – especially for a small business that only needs a small number printed. Roses can be purchased for less than 50p each if you buy around 40 or more. Therefore creative marketing ideas like this can be cost-effective for small businesses.

I’m sure there are many similar things that small businesses could do to generate interest from potential customers, for example:

A chocolatier could give away a ‘free’ chocolate to commuters in their local area just before valentines day with a limited time offer on a box of chocolates ordered online. E.g. a 15% discount if ordered this week only or a £5 voucher with their order.

A garden designer could give away a packet of seeds or a flower with a compelling offer attached, outside their local train station or their local garden centre (If the garden centre agrees!). The garden centre probably will agree if it’s their flowers and seeds you’re giving away. They’ll perhaps even give you a discount. Again only people interested in flowers and gardens are likely to take these.

The offer could be – get us around for a free garden design consultancy before the end of the month and if you commission design, build and planting from us in the next six months we’ll:

  • give you a 20% discount on the cost of the plants you choose or
  • provide six months free garden maintenance or
  • give you £100 worth of free plants
The connection between the giveaway and your business doesn’t have to be so obvious. For example, if you sell something that most people buy, such as birthday cards, you could give away a rose with a tag attached that offers people a free card of their choice from your online store. When they buy their ‘free’ card you’ll also get their email address and will be able to send them future offers and marketing.

The marketing challenge

The challenge with marketing is actually to get people to look at it and remember your business. This is where these free, quality giveaways win every time.

Do let us know if you’ve seen any unusual marketing ideas by emailing them to me: Sarah at or by sharing them in the comments section below.

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